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iLLspokinn is an international performer, songwriter, and organizer in New York City. His songs have been featured in several television commercials, including a promotion for NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics. Corey has been a featured performer at the Atlantic Music Expo in Cabo Verde, the Timitar Festival in Morocco, and the NBA’s London games in 2015, 2016, and 2018. In NYC, he is a co-founder of “Urban Art Beat” – a platform for creative expression that partners talented artists and dedicated volunteers with underserved school and organizations.


He also works with “Arts By The People”, holding bi-weekly rap and percussion workshops with senior citizens. iLLspokinn is also the producer, host, and co-founder of “Freestyle Mondays”, the longest-running hip hop event with a live band in New York City, the popularity of which has allowed his to launch versions in France and the Czech Republic.

iLLspokinn was on Next Level Team Turkey.