Uzbekistan: August 9 - 16, 2018

Next Level artists were highlighted for their work in cultural diplomacy across several print outlets in Uzbekistan.

Cambodia: March 25-April 9, 2018


Azerbaijan: October 12-30, 2017

* AzTV, ATV, ITV, KhazarTV, Space, CBC, ARB aired footages from the Next Level events in Baku.


Morocco: September 4-21, 2017

* The final concert was featured in a segment on Moroccan news network Al Aoula HD


Croatia: April 29-May 13, 2017

“Blackout Hip Hop” interview with Filip “Phat Phillie” Ivelja (5/4). This was in conjunction with APAO Laura Djuragic, site manager Jaci Caprice, and Next Level artists Toki Wright, J-Live, and Baba Israel participated. In addition to discussing the Next Level program, the artists performed live on the air. Please follow the link to hear the show: Croatian Public Radio Interview (5/6). Asia One represented the team alongside Laura Djuragic. The interview lasted about an hour, where Djuragic discussed the Next Level program and workshops with the host. Asia One spoke about the workshops and the history of hip hop with the host.

MTV Croatia Promotional Coverage: The Next Level program was highlighted on the (Croatia) website (5/9). It was also used as an invitation to the final performance. No members were interviewed. Please see the link for more information:

Croatian National Television Interview (5/11). The interview took place at the Pogon Center, the site of the final performance. Team members and participants as well as APAO Laura Djuragic discussed the objectives of the program and the workshop activities.


Brazil: March 12-26, 2017

Next Level Brazil Site Manager Kane Smego appeared briefly alongside local Brazilian artists involved in the program on a morning news show broadcast on Globo to promote for the sessions at JK Mall. In Rio de Janeiro, the American artists were invited to appear and perform on Brazil’s biggest talk show, Encontros with Fátima Bernardes, which was broadcast on Globo, Brazil’s largest television network. The newspaper branch of the media conglomerate, O Globo, interviewed Next Level dancer Jacob “Kujo” Lyons and published an article about his work.


Algeria: February 13-25, 2017

During the residency, Director Mark Katz and Next Level artists Tara Crichlow and Nahshid Sulaiman appeared on a popular morning television program on Djazair TV; they explained the program, and Crichlow and Sulaiman performed. The Algerian Press Service conducted interviews with Next Level artists and workshop participants and published a story following the final performance. A journalist affiliated with the Embassy produced a podcast on the program as well. Multiple television and print outlets reported on the final concert and interviewed students about the program and concert.


Tunisia: February 5-13, 2017

Three media outlets covered the Park Jam, two FM radio stations, Radio Shems and Radio Mosaique, the latter being the highest-rated radio station in Tunis. Both stations posted video reports on their websites. Le Temps, one of the major newspapers in Tunis, also covered the program.


Indonesia: November 17-December 5, 2016

There was no interaction with the media. The only interviews were with the Cultural Affairs Office (Max Harrington) at the end of the residency.


Colombia: August 14-28, 2016

Print media and television covered the opening of the Next Level Cartagena Academy. At least 3 television stations covered the final concert at Centro Cultural Las Palmeras. Mayor Manolo Duque was quoted on television as saying, “The talent of the Cartagenan youth has no limits. I am at the final performance of Next Level and I’m very proud of the prodigious creativity of these young people.” (“El talento de los jóvenes cartageneros no tiene límites. Estoy en la final de la convocatoria de Next Level y estoy muy orgulloso del derroche de creatividad de estos muchachos.”) PAO Susan Bell was quoted in media accounts of the final concert as well. Articles about the final concert and program were published in El Universal, Las Noticias Cartagena, and Caracol Radio. Next Level’s Facebook posts and photos were shared multiple times on the social media platforms hosted by U.S. Embassy in Bogota, the Mayor’s Office in Cartagena, and ECA’s Exchange Programs.


Global 2.0: March 28-April 10, 2016

Jamaal Abdul-Alim, “State Department, UNC Turn to Hip-Hop to Bring World Closer,” Diverse Issues in Higher Education,, and Tom Griffen, “Global Diplomacy and Hip-Hop,”


Thailand: February 12-28, 2016

Multiple publications.


Honduras: January 14-29, 2016

The program conducted a media day, in which members who spoke Spanish (DJ KaoticBlaze, Site Manager Paul Rockower) conducted a series of radio  interviews on four radio stations in Tegucigalpa, including on the popular “Hora del T” program.

The program’s outreach jam session was covered by two local television stations, which conducted interviews with Post, KaoticBlaze and Rockower. Furthermore, the program received positive coverage in the two major Honduran newspapers, El Heraldo and La Tribuna. Finally, the concert at UNAH and the VIP show at the Hotel InterContinental had at least two television stations reporting on the events while La Tribuna did a small article on the concert.


El Salvador: November 29-December 14, 2015

Print media - Six publications in main Salvadoran Newspapers: Two in La Prensa Gráfica (circ.: 115,000); three in El Diario de Hoy (circ.: 95,000); one in Diario El Mundo ( circ.: 40,000). Ambassador Mari Carmen Aponte was frequently quoted both in print and television stories.

Television - Teledos news show: four-minute segment. Ratings: 1.11 million viewers; Canal 2 and Noticias 4 also had segments on the NL FUSALMO final concert; Interview on youth-focused program Play.


Tanzania: August 2-17, 2015

The main media activity was a series of interviews of Capital Television’s “Out and About” with Vanessa Victor, “the Oprah of East Africa.” The program is seen by more than three million viewers in Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda, and Burundi.


Uganda: June 2015

The Embassy set up two major media programs, one on Urban Television’s morning show, which reaches 220,000 viewers per half hour. The NL Team Uganda gave an interview and discussed the program, as well as performing on live TV.

The other media program was on the popular live music show The Beat, which reaches 550,000 viewers per half hour. The program consisted of a live interview and impromptu cypher (performance) that generated a great deal of positive commentary on social media outlets. For the cypher, the team was joined by two prominent Ugandan hip hop artists.

Multiple local blogs and online news sites also reported on the NL Uganda program, including (See


Global 1.0: April 7-17, 2015

The two main media appearances were on popular local radio programs: WUNC’s “The State of Things,” a show that reaches approximately 300,000 listeners across the state, and WCHL’s “Aaron in the Afternoon,” a drive-time news program.


Zimbabwe: February 14-29, 2015

The Next Level team was interviewed twice on Q FM, including a live performance. Site Manager Paul Rockower was interviewed on “Fact File” on Star FM. A story on the Next Level program appeared in the prominent newspaper, The Daily News, which discussed the program’s entrepreneurship focus. Stories also appeared in the popular online sites ZimLink and Three Men and a Boat.


Senegal: January 2-17, 2015

The Next Level program received favorable press coverage, including interviews on West African Democracy Radio, Agence de Presse Senegalaise and the online cultural site Wakh Art Music. The program had robust social media outreach on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Flickr. Documentaries related to the NL Senegal program received approximately 1,000 views.


Bangladesh: November 5-17, 2014

The media day at the EMK Center, which included Ambassador Dan Mozena, hosted nearly a dozen TV stations, and numerous print outlets as well. The team was also interviewed on entertainment and music programs on both radio and television.

The final performance at the national Shilpakala auditorium was attended by approximately 3,500 people, beyond the venue’s capacity, and filled with media outlets covering the show.

Many acts in the program were able to receive future performance invitations based on their work. The Next Level Bangladesh program was even named one of the highlights of 2014 by the largest English daily paper inBangladesh. On November 17, 2015, participants in the Next Level Academy produced a reunion performance at the EMK center in Dhaka, demonstrating the continued impact of the program. The reunion was sufficiently newsworthy to be covered in the Dhaka Tribune.


Bosnia and Herzegovina: September 8-27, 2014

The team conducted a press conference, which generated a number of articles and features in the local Bosnian press.


Serbia: July 23-August 6, 2014

The performance was covered by local television; various stations interviewed participants.


India: May 20-June 7, 2014

In Patna, Next Level was subject to considerable media coverage, including a series of interviews and radio spots with Radio Mirchi (Times of India radio) as well as a variety of articles in major media outlets in Patna, including The Telegraph, Times of India, and Doordarshan.

During the Kolkata residency, there was considerable media coverage of the programs, including the workshops and concerts borne out of a well-attended press conference hosted by the Consulate that included several major media outlets.