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Ami Kim (formerly known as jocElyn ellis) is an American music producer, vocalist, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist.  Referring to herself as a “sonic alchemist”, kim is internationally known for improvisational singing adopted from hip hop/spoken word free-styling and a compositional versatility that incorporates American soul, folk, hip hop, jazz and electronic music.

Originally from Durham, NC, Kim made headlines in the region during her climb to the top of its indie music scene through her thought-evoking lyrics and soulful songs resulting in performances with 9th Wonder, Chrisette Michelle, Citizen Cope, Wyclef Jean, Raekwon, Rapsody, Macy Gray, and concerts in over 400 venues and nationally & internationally. A Queen City music award winner and SESAC publisher, Kim released her debut full-length album “Life Of A Hologram” in 2013 that lead up to a hip-hop ambassadorship in Bangladesh and a residency as a cultural ambassador for the US Cultural Affairs Department with the international music incubator Onebeat. In 2015, Charlotte Magazine named her album in it’s “Top 10 Must Own Albums” and in the AfroPunk album review, commentator Ayara Pommells describes Kim’s debut work as a “conceptual masterpiece”.


Currently, Kim is traveling to various cities in the US and abroad performing, collaborating, and writing as a topline songwriter & vocalist for while also collaborating with Berlin-based artist 6zm on their side project @DragonsInGardens.

Ami was on Next Level Team Bangladesh and returned to Next Level Team Nigeria