Application Guide


Application Tips and Tricks

  • The application works best when using Chrome. If there are still issues than we suggest trying FireFox.

  • Have your resume and cover letter ready for upload before completing your application. Sometimes the application will be open for too long and the files will not upload properly.

Short Bios (150 words/800 characters max)

Your short bio should be tailored information that you would include in a press kit (e.g., where you are from/are currently based, your professional accomplishments, artistic/personal influences in your work, major collaborations/projects/clients, your domestic and/or international community/education work, and current projects).


Your résumé should be no longer than 2 pages. Please do not submit press kits.

Cover Letter

Your cover letter should explain your suitability for the position, relevant experience, and teaching philosophy. The letter should demonstrate your passion for your art and describe how you would use hip hop to help build community and foster cultural exchange. It should be no longer than 2 pages.


Work Samples

Work samples are critical to each application and are carefully considered by the review panel. Next Level strongly recommends that applicants pay close attention to the content of the work sample submissions. Audio-only recordings are acceptable, but at least 1 sample should be video (for graffiti/aerosol artists, please see below). Videos of live performances are preferred

When creating and preparing work samples, Next Level recommends the following:

  • Select recent, high-quality samples. Carefully chosen work samples tend to make the biggest impact and create the strongest artistic impression.

  • If your video work sample is longer than five minutes, please note where you would like panelists to begin viewing (e.g. 00:05:15).

  • Provide all passwords or include any necessary information required to view your work sample, such as plug-ins or navigation paths.

  • A website is not a sufficient work sample. Links should be to a specific video or gallery of images.

  • Be sure that the links to websites are fully functioning. A link to a website that containing your work sample that does not work will negatively affect your application.

To further assist you in submitting strong content, general suggestions are provided below by discipline.

Beatboxing: We recommend videos that are fairly close-up to see the action.

Beatmaking: Audio-only work samples are acceptable, but video work samples are preferred. Videos that show participation in beat battles or collaborations that showcase your stage presence are preferred. Videos that show your process of beatmaking are also recommended. For instance, building a beat from start to finish.

Dance: If the performance is an ensemble, please make sure it is clear which individual is the applicant.The performance should have the applicant featured, not just his/her choreography.

DJ: Videos in which your hands are clearly visible (or in close-up) are recommended, so that panelists can see your techniques.


Graffiti/Aerosol Art/Writing: If video work samples are not available, graffiti/aerosol artists may submit digital images of up to 5 different works.

MC: At least 1 video should be of live performance.

Review Criteria

Next Level reviews applications based on the following criteria:

  • Artistic Excellence & Experience (10 points)

  • Education Experience, Teaching Philosophy & Communication Skills (10 points)

  • Ability to be a Cultural Diplomat, including the potential to thrive as cultural diplomats and to use music, dance, or art to build community and foster cultural exchange (5 points)