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Melanie Aguirre is a native New Yorker, founder of Rep Your Style, and young community leader in New York City. Melanie provides the NYC Dance community with dance competitions, community discussions, charity fundraisers, workshops, and job placement services. She teaches multiple dance styles within the tri-state area, nationally, and internationally. Through her company Rep Your Style, she directs theatrical performances and museum tours. She was selected in 2017 for a cultural exchange program in Paris, France, at La Place Hip Hop cultural center. With these different avenues of outreach, she has been able to inspire creativity through her work.

Melanie will be on Next Level Team Turkey.


Victor “Kid Glyde” Alicea is the president of Dynamic Rockers, one of hip hop’s most historically significant dance crews. In addition to being a world-renowned dancer, he is a committed educator, mentor and entrepreneur, who has also performed extensively in live performances and battles around the world. He is the son of legendary Glyde of the original Dynamic Rockers and has been breaking for twenty years, starting with lessons from both his father and Kid Freeze.

Kid Glyde is the organizer of many major hip hop dance events, including the famous B-boy Massacre series and the unique Octagon NYC battles. He also teaches and is the featured b-boy expert for, an online tutorial website. He remains a prominent and inspirational b-boy in the hip hop community and continues to take b-boying culture to the next level.

Kid Glyde was on Next Level Team Colombia.


Serouj “Midus” Aprahamian has been active in the breaking world since 1997, gaining notoriety internationally for his unique, abstract style. In 2001, together with three other dancers, he produced an influential experimental dance video called “Detours.”

Originally from Los Angeles, California, Midus currently lives in Toronto, Canada, where he is pursuing a PhD in Dance Studies at York University. He also holds a Master’s in International Relations from American University and is conducting research on the impact of hip hop dance in the post-Soviet sphere.

Serouj was on Next Level Team Cambodia.


Junious “House” Brickhouse is Next Level’s co-director and is an internationally established, award-winning urban dance educator, choreographer, community leader, and cultural preservationist. A Virginia Beach, Virginia, native, Junious has a spent over twenty years in dance cyphers and on stages from Oakland, California to Helsinki, Finland, to Durban, South Africa. Now based in Washington, DC, Junious furthers his global mission through lecturing, performing, promoting conflict resolution, and producing events for Urban Artistry Inc.

As Founder and Executive Director of Urban Artistry Inc., Junious has inspired and created a movement of artists dedicated to the authentic preservation of urban dance culture and community while finding ways to responsibly innovate.

Junious was first on Next Level Team Senegal, and has returned to serve as site manager for Next Level Indonesia, Next Level Team Myanmar, and Next Level Team Egypt.


Wandee “WandeePop” Candelario, along with dancing partner Deena “SnapShot” Clemente, share a passion and history created during the birth of a new era that evolved from our Native and African Ancestors thousands of years ago. The pair was raised in the South Bronx (Fox Street between 156st and Longwood) during the early 70’s where they developed their dance skills and strong overall culture in neighborhood house parties, outside park jams, block parties, talent showcases at the Police Athletic League (PAL) and local cable station programs.

It was not until years later they realized how important those years on Fox Street really were. Deena and Wandee began their journey on the streets to discover what is known today as hip-hop culture, a multi-billion dollar evolution that is a gift from our ancestors.

Today you can find them taking their street experience, knowledge, culture and ancestral history into the studios teaching their funky signature dance fitness workshop, “Snap, Pop ‘n’ Rock: Organic Hip-Hop Style for Wellness”, where they combine Mind, Body, Heart, Soul and Spirit Studios in NYC, including The Ailey Extension at Alvin Ailey, Peridance, Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center.

Wandee was on Next Level Team Bosnia & Herzegovina/Montenegro.


Geoff “Toyz Are Us” Chang is one of the most acclaimed b-boys in the U.S. scene today. He has spent the past fifteen years has building a reputation as an inspirational dancer of his time. A second generation b-boy of the Lionz Of Zion crew, he has preserved the knowledge of the old school techniques of his fellow crewmates while infusing it with a new school twist.

Considered a veteran in the game, Toyz has won numerous competitions with his well-rounded style, including the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary 2006, Chelles Battle Pro 2009, Hip-Opsession 2010, International Hip-Hop Addict 2011, and Break The Floor 2012. He has solidified his international status on the battleground against the best of the best, and prides himself on being well respected by both friends and adversaries.

Geoff was on Next Level Team Thailand.


Kyle “JustSole” Clark is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. He was selected by Rennie Harris for “Puremovement”, and served as its principal dancer and rehearsal director from 2006-2014. Kyle has performed and taught internationally in France, the U.K., Amsterdam, Russia, Mexico, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, The Kyrgyz Republic, and Kazakhstan. Kyle has won and judged battles nationally and internationally: He judged “House Dance Forever” 2015 and 2016 and won a number of competitions in his own right. In April of 2011, Kyle co-founded “Funky Sole Fundamentals” – a workshop series that brought educators and pioneers from around the world to Philadelphia.  Also in 2011, he co-founded Just Sole! Street Dance Theater Company where he serves as Choreographer and Artistic Director.

In 2015, Kyle was selected as a premiere choreographer for Ailey II‘s 2015-2016 seasons. His work entitled “I Am The Road” was the first hip hop dance choreographed on Ailey II in its history. In 2016, Kyle was awarded a grant by The Pew Center for Arts & Heritage for his autobiography “The Life Of A Just Sole”. In 2017, The University Of The Arts awarded Kyle “The President’s Distinguished Teaching Award” for his teaching excellence. Kyle is currently a Professor for three Universities: UArts, Temple U, and Drexel University.

Kyle will be on Next Level Team Nigeria.


Deena “SnapShot” Clemente, along with dancing partner Wandee “WandeePop” Candelario, share a passion and history created during the birth of a new era that evolved from our Native and African Ancestors thousands of years ago. The pair was raised in the South Bronx (Fox Street between 156st and Longwood) during the early 70’s where they developed their dance skills and strong overall culture in neighborhood house parties, outside park jams, block parties, talent showcases at the Police Athletic League (PAL) and local cable station programs.

It was not until years later they realized how important those years on Fox Street really were. Deena and Wandee began their journey on the streets to discover what is known today as hip-hop culture, a multi-billion dollar evolution that is a gift from our ancestors.

Today you can find them taking their street experience, knowledge, culture and ancestral history into the studios teaching their funky signature dance fitness workshop, “Snap, Pop ‘n’ Rock: Organic Hip-Hop Style for Wellness”, where they combine Mind, Body, Heart, Soul and Spirit Studios in NYC, including The Ailey Extension at Alvin Ailey, Peridance, Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center.

Deena was on Next Level Team Bosnia & Herzegovina/Montenegro.


Tara “Big Tara” Crichlow is an award-winning performer, teacher, and historian of urban dance techniques who is versed in developing programs, curating events, and lecturing at institutions internationally. She has extensive international teaching experience, including in Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Ukraine, France and the Netherlands.

Crichlow has made notable contributions to the hip-hop scene as a founding member of the Anomolies Crew, as well other crews including MAWU,  HeartBreakers, and the 2006 We Bgirlz Championship squad Fox Force Five. With over twenty years invested in the dance scene, her other skill sets include, but are not limited to, creating and implementing successful dance curriculums, consulting, workshopping productions, organizing, hosting, acting as a brand ambassador, battling, judging, lecturing, and researching.

Tara was on Next Level Team Algeria & Tunisia.

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Lino “Leanski” Delgado is a dancer from Boston, Massachusetts, with over 30 years of experience in the field. A co-founder of the Floorlords Crew, Leanski has organized and performed in various theatrical productions and public events, including the City of Boston’s Peace Hip Hop Festival at City Hall Plaza. He has appeared in dance performances on both television and film alongside Madonna, Run DMC, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez and Missy Elliot.

Lino was on Next Level Team Uzbekistan.


Ami Nicole “Tsunami” Ferreira is a Bay Area native who has performed and shared her passion through dance, movement, and art for over 30 years. A member of the SoulShifter (MVMNT) artistry collective and Circle of Fire group, Tsunami’s style derives from a fusion of house, hip hop, capoeira, and “b-girling” (breakdancing).

As a cultural diplomat and educator, she nurtures and supports the club culture and freestyle dance movement through performing, teaching, judging competitions, mentoring and co-organizing events, such as the R16 USA, All the Way Live and the Bay Area House Dance Festival.

She has also traveled to Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and El Salvador to share her passions with underprivileged dance communities and at-risk youth.

Ami was on Next Level Team Myanmar.


Karla “Karlita Waackafella” Flores  is an artist, activist, and cultural educator from the Bay Area. She first began her dance journey with her “Slug Life/ Rejectz” breakin’ crew and continued onward teaching in Nicaragua with All the Way Live Foundation in 2010.

From her international work, she has learned to value the importance of building and uplifting communities and responsibly preserving culture exchanges through Hip Hop education. Branching out to study other freestyle art forms, she has learned from the originators and famous innovators in New York, Los Angeles, and Montreal and has thus explored the hip hop scenes in Panama, Ecuador, and Puerto Rico.

Recently she has been focused on teaching, producing dance events, and performing with her dance collectives Disco Energi and The Waack Sisters.

From her perspective, Karlita believes dance is the doorway to the soul and that everyone carries a story within.

Karla was on Next Level Team Tanzania.

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Leigh “Breeze-Lee” Foaad has been training and working professionally as a principle dancer for Rennie Harris “Puremovement” (RHPM) since 2005. One of his proudest moments with RHPM was in March 2012, when he was selected as a Cultural Ambassador for The Obama Administration, BAM, and DanceMotion USA, providing services in Egypt, Israel & Palestine.

Breeze-lee found a love for a street-dance style called “Popping” in 2002 and has been competing in national and international venues ever since. Some of his biggest victories include Popping Champion for “The Week” in Italy, “Bust a Move” in Canada, “Freestyle Session” in Los Angeles, and North American Champion for “R-16 Qualifier”, which led Leigh to represent USA at the Finals in Seoul, Korea.

Leigh is also the co-founder and co-artistic Director of the non-profit Versa-Style Dance Company, where he is determined to express and share the knowledge and importance of Hip-hop culture.  He is also currently an Adjunct Lecturer at UCLA’s Dept. of World Arts & Cultures/Dance teaching Hip-hop dance.

Leigh will be on Next Level Team Dominican Republic.


Kareem “Bboy Kareem” Gwinn has a 20-year career of dancing and is known for his creative power moves. He is experienced with breakdancing battles and challenging competitions, and has already battled some of the best B-Boys in the world. Along with winning some major competitions, Kareem has also performed for Cirque Du Soleil for 4 years. His goal is to show the world his talents and to inspire anyone to do what they love.

Kareem will be on Next Level Team Guatemala.


Ansley “Jukeboxx” Jones is a dance and movement teacher, writer and historian. She began battling, performing, and choreographing in the seventh grade for various cheerleading and dance teams around Augusta, Georgia, and continued into college. She has choreographed for Savannah State University’s hip-hop dance team “The Ampliphiers,” the Savannah State University Collegiate Dance Ensemble, and later, for dance performances at Florida State University.

Her choreographic accomplishments that have been recognized—Ansley was twice named “Audience’s Favorite Performer” at the Third Annual Celebration of Women and Girls event in Tallahassee, Florida, with the second half of the show dedicated to her choreographic suite focusing on the before-and-after experience and the survival of rape. In 2006, Jones won a September-October performance of “Showtime at the Apollo Theater” in New York City.

Her thesis chapter “Bgirls as Drag Kings” was published in an American Dance Anthology edited by Dr. Jennifer Bishop, Dr. Tricia Young and Dr. Sally R. Sommer in the summer of 2014.

Ansley was on Next Level Team India.


Jacob “Kujo” Lyons is an internationally recognized and multiple-award-winning b-boy who has worked extensively with the U.S. Department of State on numerous international programs, including in England, Scotland, the Bahamas, Senegal, Morocco, Panama, and Costa Rica. He is the founder, artistic director and choreographer of the Lux Aeterna Dance Company and choreographer and principal dancer of the ILL-Abilities Crew.

In addition to sustaining a 21-year career as a professional b-boy, Kujo is now an award-winning choreographer, the founder and artistic director of Lux Aeterna Dance Company, and a freelance circus acrobat/aerialist.

Kujo was born with 100% sensorineural deafness in his right ear, and suffered several instances of conductive hearing loss in his left ear, which forced him to compensate by focusing more on strength and power moves, as opposed to the musicality of toprock and footwork. He and his crew, Soul Control, quickly became famous as power move innovators, primarily known for introducing an obscure move called the air flare to the entire world. Air flares are now an integral part of almost every b-boy’s vocabulary.

Jacob was on Next Level Team Brazil.


Edson “Bboy House” Magana is a Mexico City-born street dancer in the art of breaking, popping, locking, and house dancing. He is a practitioner, student, and educator/lecturer of hip hop culture and its communities.

Now residing in Arizona, Bboy House is on a mission to leave the universe better than he found it. He has travelled globally planting seeds of awareness to develop programs, events, and longevity for youth. He is co-founder of Furious Styles Crew, an organization that creates collaborations and networks of socially engaged work.

Due to his strong roots in hip hop culture, dance, and foundations, Bboy House has had the privilege of competing, judging, and hosting numerous dance battles around the world. He also has a Master in Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology/Sociology from Arizona State University.

House was on Next Level Team Morocco.


Macca “Bgirl Macca” Malik is dedicated to representing women at the forefront of the culture on a high level through internationally recognized competition. At a young age Macca’s family relocated to Germany, where she began learning to breakdance in 2004 and had her first experiences with international hip-hop culture. Since then Macca has danced in Germany, Switzerland, England, Bolivia, Canada, France, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island and Nicaragua and has served as a Hip Hop ambassador to La Paz, Bolivia on a trip organized by the U.S. Government. Macca is a proven top female competitor in the Breaking scene winning many battles, including the Bgirl Battle at Evolution 2011, Hip Obsession in France, and was selected to represent the U.S. for BBS International Breaking Event. Macca become the first female to represent the world-renowned Bboyworld team to compete in France at the Breaking World Series in 2014. She continues to travel; teaching workshops, competing, and judging competitions. She is also the co-founder of the production company “GIRL ILLA Tactics”.

Macca will be on Next Level Team Philippines.


Kenneth “Ken Fury” Marez Jr., self-taught dancer and artist, was raised in Pueblo, Colorado and began dancing at age 11. After high school, he moved to NYC to perform in the dance company Full Circle Productions, where he performed theatre pieces.

He has trained and learned from some of the originators of Breaking, such as the legendary Wayne Blizz (The Executioners, The NYC Float Committee) and Kwikstep (“Full Circle”) to name a few. Ken has competed in and judged some of the top competitions around the world and taught workshops in the US and abroad.

Ken Fury’s vision is not only to be the best dancer he can be, but to inspire others to push beyond the limits of the mind and body.

Ken was on Next Level Team Zimbabwe.


Akim “Akim Funk Buddha” Ndlovu is a classic hip hop artist, dancer and mc. His holistic approach to hip hop draws from a wide array of cultural traditions and artistic disciplines. Akim Funk Buddha utilizes sounds and movement from  b-boying and beatboxing, to Tuvan throat singing in his performances.

He has performed at The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center Out of Doors, Rubin Museum of Art, Blue Note Jazz Club (New York), BAMcafé Live, Bronx Museum, and Carnegie Hall.

Akim is on Next Level Team Azerbaijan.


Jorge “Pop Master Fabel” Pabon was born and raised in NYC’s Spanish Harlem. He is a senior member of the Rock Steady Crew and an honorary member of the Electric Boogaloos. Fabel was also a co-founder of GhettOriginal Productions Inc. and co-author, co-director, and co-choreographer of the first Off-Broadway hip-hop musical ever, titled “Jam on the Groove”. Along with fellow members of the Rhythm Technicians and The Rock Steady Crew, he won the 1991 Bessie Award for choreography.

Fabel gained world renown as a featured dancer in the hip hop cult classic movie, “Beat Street”. As an adjunct professor, he teaches movement in the Experimental Theater Wing at NYU’s prestigious Tisch School of the Arts. Fabel delivers lectures, demonstrations, master classes, and participates in outreach programs and conferences internationally. He regularly teaches Popping, Locking, and other dance forms associated with hip hop in various dance studios, community-based organizations, schools and universities.

Fabel is a legend, pioneer, historian, and activist within hip-hop culture. He also expresses himself as a graffiti and digital artist, film maker, videographer, editor, and DJ.

Jorge was on Next Level Team Serbia.


Jeremy “B-Boy Jeremy” Pena began breaking in his hometown of Houston, Texas at the age of fourteen. Under the strict discipline of his teachers and crew, HaviKORO, Jeremy has since grown to make his name known worldwide in raw circles and competitions alike.

With an original style focused heavily on musicality, Jeremy has collected many competitive titles, including Red Bull Akademiks National Champion, UK BBoy Championships 1-on-1 Footwork Champion 2012, and B1 Project Japan 2v2 Champion 2013.

Jeremy is also the Program Director and one of the lead instructors for Break Free Community Center, a center in Houston that is dedicated to teaching all the elements of hip-hop in a positive and inspiring environment.

Jeremy was on Next Level Team Honduras.


Frank “B-boy Frankie” Perez is an inimitable soul brought up in what is known to many as the Mecca of hip hop, New York City.

He shines the most when displaying the foundation of what he’s learned as a dancer in combination with the hallmarks of his personality: his individualism and open-mindedness towards what it means to be a human being. Relentless perseverance and hard–earned skills have lead B-boy Frankie to winning many major competitions, as well as judging battles and teaching around the world.

Frankie is presently working on mastering his b-boying while simultaneously preparing for graduate school and cultivating a new found passion for filmmaking and photography. Part of the legacy that he would like to leave behind to others around the world is that it is possible to maintain a world-class skill level and also be a professional.

Frankie was on Next Level Team Uganda.


Rizqi Rachmat is an Indonesian-American hip hop dance educator, choreographer, and researcher. He is a founding member and artistic director of Urban Artistry, an international urban arts culture and education project based in Washington, DC. Rizqi has extensive experience in directing dance and Hip Hop theater productions and gaining competitive hip-hop and world Wushu championship titles. His movement expertise involves hip hop freestyle/choreography and a fusion of traditional Chinese martial arts. His work and artistic portfolio explore the cultivation of urban dance culture and the intersections of data arts, civil society, and conflict resolution. He is mentored by Next Level co-director Junious “House” Brickhouse.

Rizqi will be on Next Level Team Jerusalem.


Haleem “Stringz” Rasul began his dance career in the mid 1990s with a concentration on breakin’, hip hop’s original dance form. After exploring dance in other communities across the U.S., Stringz gained more appreciation for Detroit’s own dance innovation, the Jit. As a dance, the Jit combines high-energy footwork and arm syncopations that can be done both standing and on the floor, creating a dynamic aesthetic all under a unique groove. According to Stringz, “This is Detroit’s hip hop dance.”

Stringz is a front-runner of positive cultural exchange in his native Detroit and abroad. He has traveled all over the world showcasing Detroit’s dance and story and believes it can promote connections between people and communities.

Haleem was on Next Level Team Indonesia.


Danny J. “Dan Tres Omi” Rodriguez  is the author of “Is that Breakdance Fighting?” and founder of Capoeira Dayton. Danny Rodriguez is an advisor at the Dayton Job Corps Center  and a b-boy instructor at local schools throughout Dayton, Ohio.  He is also a trainer with The Unit, a grassroots organization that provides free boot camp classes in the city of Dayton.

He was the president of the Solar Flare chapter of the Universal Zulu Nation (UZN) in Hampton Roads Virginia and is the current vice president of the Gem City Zulus chapter of Dayton, Ohio.

Danny was on Next Level Team El Salvador.


Amirah Sackett  has performed and had her choreography featured locally, nationally, and internationally. Amirah was honored as one of the first female hip hop artists to receive the Jerome Travel/Study grant in 2008.

She curated the international festival for women in hip hop, “B-Girl Be” in 2009-2010 at Intermedia Arts. In 2011 she curated her own show called “The JOINT Project” in an effort to push hip hop artists to create work outside of their comfort zone.

She created the group “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic” to promote understanding and respect of the female Muslim style of dress called hijab to non-Muslim audiences. Since then they have been featured in rapper Brother Ali’s music video “Mourning in America” as well as performing all over the country.

Most recently, Amirah was honored to receive the prestigious Sage Cowles Award “Best Ensemble Performance” for the performance of her choreography “Mourning in America”.

Amirah was on Next Level Team Bangladesh.


Ryan “Future” Webb is the education director for Urban Artistry, Inc., a cultural ambassador, and community leader. He mentors people of all ages, creates dance curriculum, conducts dance research, performs, lectures, and actively participates in cultural exchange, community building, preservation, and innovation.

Mentored by Rashaad Pearson and Junious Brickhouse, his dance style has also been influenced by artists such as Damon Frost, Steen Koerner, Thomas Herodt, Lock Smith, and Dr. Rico. Taught to be three-dimensional, culturally-driven, and fearless as an artist; Future has innovated and inspired others in multiple styles of movement such as Tutting, Popping Ground Dance, Jookin, Strutting, Dance Fusion, and Routine styles.

Throughout his career as a dance professional, his art has brought him to various countries such as Korea, Japan, Switzerland, Singapore, Sweden, France, England, Germany, Canada, Poland, Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

Ryan was on Next Level Team Egypt.


Nancy “Asia One” Yu is one of the best-known and most-respected b-girls in the world, the founder and CEO of the annual B-Boy Summit event, a member of Fame City Graffiti Crew, President of the Mighty Zulu Kweenz Crew and founder of No Easy Props, a non-profit with the mission to preserve hip hop culture and provide education and entertainment to communities of all ages throughout the world. She appears extensively in commercials, television shows, and films.

Asia One holds a double B.A. in Art and Social Engagement, Multiculturalism & Activism from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Her main interest and purpose is to bring diverse groups of people together to create discourse and social change, using the vehicle of hip hop.

Nancy was on Next Level Team Croatia.