Amirah sackett


Amirah Sackett  has performed and had her choreography featured locally, nationally, and internationally. Amirah was honored as one of the first female hip hop artists to receive the Jerome Travel/Study grant in 2008.

She curated the international festival for women in hip hop, “B-Girl Be” in 2009-2010 at Intermedia Arts. In 2011, she curated her own show called “The JOINT Project” in an effort to push hip hop artists to create work outside of their comfort zone.


She created the group “We’re Muslim, Don’t Panic” to promote understanding and respect of the female Muslim style of dress called hijab to non-Muslim audiences. Since then they have been featured in rapper Brother Ali’s music video “Mourning in America” as well as performing all over the country.

Most recently, Amirah was honored to receive the prestigious Sage Cowles Award “Best Ensemble Performance” for the performance of her choreography “Mourning in America.”

Amirah was on Next Level Team Bangladesh.