Bgirl Macca


Macca “Bgirl Macca” Malik has worked hard to represent women at the forefront of the culture on a high level through internationally recognized competition. At 5-years-old, Macca's Mother relocated her family to Germany. Macca gained interest in Hip Hop through her older brother, an MC and organizer of many Hip Hop events in Germany in her early years. In 2004, she began learning Breaking from Raphael Xavier, one of Philadelphia’s master Breakers. In 2006, she continued her studies with 360 Flava founder and leader, Brian "B-boy Hannibal" Newby. Macca has traveled to Germany, Switzerland, England, Bolivia, Canada, France, Puerto Rico, Reunion Island and Nicaragua to name a few.


As well as being selected to represent the U.S. for BBS International Breaking Event 2013. Macca became the first female to represent the world-renowned Bboyworld team to compete in France at the Breaking World Series in 2014. She continues to travel the world teaching workshops, competing and judging competitions. She has also teamed up with El La Katrina to form the production company " GIRL ILLA Tactics" to help tell many untold stories within the Breaking and Hip Hop community. As she continues to let her artistic life unfold, she has reached a major mile stone by now being the first ever Sponsored B-Girl by Monster Energy. 

Macca was on Next Level Team Australia.