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Boog Brown is an MC from Detriot, MI. Boog Brown is a ferocious lyricist with a passion for education and creating human-to-human experiences. She is an artist committed to expanding the capacity for love, understanding, and making the hardest-hitting hip hop music. Boog Brown rhymes with the gift for acute truth-telling fused with a passion for bars and braggadocio, making her a standout choice for fans. Boog Brown balances her desire to be heard and felt with a responsibility to raise social awareness. As a woman who grew up on the fault line of “around the way” and the suburban trappings of black-middle class on Detroit’s far west side, Boog Brown acknowledges the past and present while decidedly focusing on the future. Being able to identify her roots while not fearing expansion is what gives Boog Brown the confidence to explore uncharted territory.

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