Leigh “Breeze-Lee” Foaad has been training and working professionally as a principle dancer for Rennie Harris “Puremovement” (RHPM) since 2005. One of his proudest moments with RHPM was in March 2012, when he was selected as a Cultural Ambassador for The Obama Administration, BAM, and DanceMotion USA, providing services in Egypt, Israel & Palestine.

Breeze-lee found a love for a street-dance style called “Popping” in 2002 and has been competing in national and international venues ever since. Some of his biggest victories include Popping Champion for “The Week” in Italy, “Bust a Move” in Canada, “Freestyle Session” in Los Angeles, and North American Champion for “R-16 Qualifier”, which led Leigh to represent USA at the Finals in Seoul, Korea.


Leigh is also the co-founder and co-artistic Director of the non-profit Versa-Style Dance Company, where he is determined to express and share the knowledge and importance of Hip-hop culture.  He is also currently an Adjunct Lecturer at UCLA’s Dept. of World Arts & Cultures/Dance teaching Hip-hop dance.

Leigh was on Next Level Team Dominican Republic.