Brian Pistols came into the breaking scene when he was eleven years old with the Bai Cha Breakers. His early experience started at the local Boys and Girls Club where he would teach dance for an hour in exchange for two hours of practice time, the rest is history. Having won numerous battles and competitions in Massachusetts and extensive dance travels, Brian Pistols has become easily recognized in the breaking community throughout various areas of the country and abroad. A competitor, performer, and mentor, Brian Pistols has done shows for an extensive list of corporations and community events as well as taking time to teach and share his knowledge with those who seek it.


Brian Pistols, now a member of the Del Fuego Wolfpack, continues competing, performing, and teaching today. In more recent years, he can be found hosting and judging various events across Massachusetts. Brian Pistols organizes the "Entering ShaoLynn" event held in his hometown of Lynn, MA as a way to give back to the community that has raised him. Brian Pistols continues pushing forward in the breaking community in various aspects, anywhere and everywhere it takes him.

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