Glen “DiViNCi” Valencia is a founding member and producer of the Orlando-based hip-hop group, Solillaquists of Sound, who first gained notoriety by performing live music on multiple Akai MPC samplers, blending the concepts of improvisation and production in ways the world had never before seen.

The virtuosity in his frenetic performances and popular YouTube clips set inspiring precedents for the now popular “Controllerism” scene. His work, both on and off the stage, caught the attention of Grammy Award-winning icon Ms. Lauryn Hill, who tapped DiViNCi to join her band and studio team.

As a public speaker and teacher, DiViNCi enjoys sharing his passion for creativity and process with those looking to develop not only their craft, but their careers as well. His constant drive for innovation has led him to work closely with various companies, including Ableton and Akai Professional, in the development of their most popular music-making products.

Glen was on Next Level Team Honduras.