D.S. Sense


Deirdre "D.S. Sense" Smith is an artist, activist, public speaker and entrepreneur with an extensive recording and performance resume. She has worked extensively to promote women’s and LGBT rights. Her music is a reflection of her city (Detroit) and the best it has to offer, complete with emotion and urban innovation. The purpose of her music is to blend and mix all genres of music that have influenced her. By doing so, she hopes to introduce different styles and rhythms to an audience that otherwise would not have acquired these sounds on their own.


Smith has been honored as svmixradio.com’s 2012 Female Performance Artist Of The Year, nominated for a 2004 Detroit Music Award in the best R&B/Soul category, featured in the UK documentary “Detroit Ghost City,” and profiled in magazines including Eight-O-Eight Magazine, The Michigan Citizen, Metro Times, and Huck Magazine. She continues to entertain and educate through the medium of music with performances and workshops she facilitates in and around her beloved city.

Deirdre was on Next Level Team Colombia.