Bosnia and Herzegovina & Montenegro

From September 8th to September 27th, 2014, five hip hop artists traveled for 3 days to Podgorica, Montenegro and for 17 days to Sarajevo, Bosnia as part of the Next Level program. MC Mahogany Jones, DJ Marc “Mista-B” Bayangos, Dancers Deena “SnapShot” Clemente and Wandee “WandeePop” Candelario, and Beat Maker Russel “DJ Plain View” Sticklor joined together to perform for audiences and collaborate with local artists to promote cross-culture exchange and conflict resolution. The team is part of a larger Next Level cohort of twenty American MC’s, DJ’s, beat makers, and hip hop dancers leading exchange programs across the globe. You can read more about the artists here. See more videos of the team performing here.

Russell “DJ Plain View” Sticklor is a producer and DJ for Nomadic Wax, an independent New York record label that promotes international hip hop music.

His debut album—2010’s “DJ Plain View Presents: Globalize: Hip-Hop from Around the World”—featured collaborations with rappers across Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Americas, while his 2013 mixtape “Internationally Known Volume 3” showcased rising hip hop talent from more than 30 countries.

As a DJ, he has shared the stage with rappers from Senegal, Sierra Leone, Mali, and Zimbabwe as part of a global hip hop event series in Washington, DC. Russell has also created original soundtracks for short films produced by the U.S. Department of State and the Presidential Commission on the Arts and the Humanities.

Wandee “WandeePop” Candelario, along with dancing partner Deena “SnapShot” Clemente, share a passion and history created during the birth of a new era that evolved from our Native and African Ancestors thousands of years ago. The pair was raised in the South Bronx (Fox Street between 156st and Longwood) during the early 70’s where they developed their dance skills and strong overall culture in neighborhood house parties, outside park jams, block parties, talent showcases at the Police Athletic League (PAL) and local cable station programs.

It was not until years later they realized how important those years on Fox Street really were. Deena and Wandee began their journey on the streets to discover what is known today as hip-hop culture, a multi-billion dollar evolution that is a gift from our ancestors.

Today you can find them taking their street experience, knowledge, culture and ancestral history into the studios teaching their funky signature dance fitness workshop, “Snap, Pop ‘n’ Rock: Organic Hip-Hop Style for Wellness”, where they combine Mind, Body, Heart, Soul and Spirit Studios in NYC, including The Ailey Extension at Alvin Ailey, Peridance, Steps on Broadway and Broadway Dance Center.

Marc “Mista-B” Bayangos is a turntable artist involved in education. Born in San Francisco’s Sunset District, Marc “Mista-B” was exposed to DJing and hip hop in the 1980s. Marc’s older brothers were into B-Boying and Mobile DJing during that time.

Mista-B is a former Disco Mix Club (DMC) and International Turntabilist Federation (ITF) champion, and has traveled around the world to share his art.

Marc has also been heavily involved in DJ Instruction in after school programs, youth centers, and various workshops. Marc continues to be involved in youth programing as he works in Galileo Academy, which is a public high school in San Francisco.

Mahogany Jones is a recording and performance artist, arts advocate, community activist and educator. Named the only four-time undefeated Champion of BET’s 106 & Park “Freestyle Fridays” in 2001, Jones set about establishing herself as an emcee with a cause appearing on over 30 albums.

In 2012, Jones became an international artist when she was selected by the U.S. Department of State to serve as an official hip hop Ambassador to five nations in Africa. She has since served in Iraq, Kurdistan, Sudan, Brazil, and Haiti.

The native New Yorker is also a writer-in-residence for Detroit’s largest literary arts education nonprofit, InsideOut, and is a facilitator of hip hop based prevention programming with non-profit organization The Yunion. In addition to teaching, mentoring and recording, Jones serves as weekly host and organizer of 5e Gallery’s The Foundation open-mic.

Her latest album, PURE, is dedicated to the healing and empowerment of women.

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