Jean-Jacques “J-Live” Cadet  is a 20-year music industry veteran, hip hop MC, DJ, producer, composer, songwriter, and a former middle school grade Language Arts teacher in the New York Public School system. His 2001 album, The Best Part, is widely considered an underground hip hop classic.

As an emcee, deejay and producer, J-Live’s music has been a staple of inspiration for listeners of underground hip hop since 1995. His twenty-year discography includes eight full-length albums, four EPs and countless guest appearances. J-Live has been consistently touring internationally throughout his career.


His stage show continues to grow with his catalogue and combines his timeless classics with his latest most relevant singles. His one man set as a emcee who deejays for himself and beat juggles while he rhymes, is considered by many to be one of hip hop’s all-time, bucket list, must-see shows.

Jean-Jacques was on Next Level Team Croatia.