Jaci Caprice Clark is a visionary who faces any challenge with her eyes wide open. She is also an accomplished vocalist/producer who has released a full-length album entitled “Storms Come, and an EP entitled “LoveLikeWater--both of which she wrote and produced independently—and is currently working on her next album entitled “UNIVERSE” to be released Fall 2019. She also writes and produces music for a diversity of artists which include poets, vocalists, and Hip Hop lyricists in the United States and globally.

Because of her diversity of talents, Jaci Caprice is known as a “Swiss army knife” by those who have worked with her.  She excels in writing, beat production, musical arrangement, artist development, vocal coaching, graphics production, and much more. Her musical and lyrical style has been compared to such musical pioneers as Lauryn Hill, Marsha Ambrosius, and Ledisi, yet she continues to create a style of music that is all her own. She believes that “Music makes the World go ‘round”, and uses lyric and rhythm to encourage people from all over the world to connect with one another in perfect harmony.

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Jaci was on Next Level Team Zimbabwe and served as site manager for Azerbaijan, Croatia, Turkey, and Australia.