Ansley “Jukeboxx” Jones is a dance and movement teacher, writer and historian. She began battling, performing, and choreographing in the seventh grade for various cheerleading and dance teams around Augusta, Georgia, and continued into college. She has choreographed for Savannah State University’s hip-hop dance team “The Ampliphiers,” the Savannah State University Collegiate Dance Ensemble, and later, for dance performances at Florida State University.

Her choreographic accomplishments that have been recognized—Ansley was twice named “Audience’s Favorite Performer” at the Third Annual Celebration of Women and Girls event in Tallahassee, Florida, with the second half of the show dedicated to her choreographic suite focusing on the before-and-after experience and the survival of rape. In 2006, Jones won a September-October performance of “Showtime at the Apollo Theater” in New York City.

Her thesis chapter “Bgirls as Drag Kings” was published in an American Dance Anthology edited by Dr. Jennifer Bishop, Dr. Tricia Young and Dr. Sally R. Sommer in the summer of 2014.

Ansley was on Next Level Team India.