Karlita Waackafella


Karla “Karlita Waackafella” Flores  is an artist, activist, and cultural educator from the Bay Area. She first began her dance journey with her “Slug Life/ Rejectz” breakin’ crew and continued onward teaching in Nicaragua with All the Way Live Foundation in 2010.

From her international work, she has learned to value the importance of building and uplifting communities and responsibly preserving culture exchanges through Hip Hop education. Branching out to study other freestyle art forms, she has learned from the originators and famous innovators in New York, Los Angeles, and Montreal and has thus explored the hip hop scenes in Panama, Ecuador, and Puerto Rico.

Recently she has been focused on teaching, producing dance events, and performing with her dance collectives Disco Energi and The Waack Sisters.

From her perspective, Karlita believes dance is the doorway to the soul and that everyone carries a story within.

Karla was on Next Level Team Tanzania.