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Jacob “Kujo” Lyons is an internationally recognized and multiple-award-winning b-boy who has worked extensively with the U.S. Department of State on numerous international programs, including in England, Scotland, the Bahamas, Senegal, Morocco, Panama, and Costa Rica. He is the founder, artistic director and choreographer of the Lux Aeterna Dance Company and choreographer and principal dancer of the ILL-Abilities Crew.

In addition to sustaining a 21-year career as a professional b-boy, Kujo is now an award-winning choreographer, the founder and artistic director of Lux Aeterna Dance Company, and a freelance circus acrobat/aerialist.

Kujo was born with 100% sensorineural deafness in his right ear, and suffered several instances of conductive hearing loss in his left ear, which forced him to compensate by focusing more on strength and power moves, as opposed to the musicality of toprock and footwork. He and his crew, Soul Control, quickly became famous as power move innovators, primarily known for introducing an obscure move called the air flare to the entire world. Air flares are now an integral part of almost every b-boy’s vocabulary.

Jacob was on Next Level Team Brazil.

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