marco pavé


Tauheed “Marco Pavé” Rahim II is a Memphis, TN, native and hip hop artist, advocate, and educator producing work influenced by Memphis’s legacy of blues, soul, and trap with KRS-One-meets-Project-Pat sensibilities. Marco Pavé has collaborated with Grammy Award-winning producers, charted at #2 on CMJ, and was featured on MTVU, The Source, The Root, MTV News, and more. Marco Pavé is also a Memphis Music Ambassador with Music Export Memphis and Founder of Radio Rahim Music, an independent record label that works at the intersection of hip hop, arts communities, technology, and activism.


A former Memphis Music Initiative Teaching Fellow, Marco Pavé’s work as an educator and hip hop arts advocate takes him to college campuses across the country to talk arts-based approaches to social justice. He transformed his debut album, Welcome to Grc Lnd (2017), into Memphis’s first hip hop opera. He also won two addy awards for his lyrics and performance of a citywide anti-gun campaign. Marco Pavé is also a 2019-2020 artist in residence at Georgetown University in the department of performance arts. 

Facebook: Marco Pavé

Instagram: Kingofmarco