mark martin


Mark Martin is a New York City- and Denver-based artist, known for playfully blurring the lines between language and sound through beatboxing and experimental vocalization. Winner of the 2016 American Beatbox Championships and 2016 Beatrhyme Battle, he has participated in and judged many international battles, including the 2018 World Beatbox Championships and the 2016 and 2019 Grand Beatbox Battle. 

Martin created his own major at NYU exploring the relationships between beatboxing and language. Post-graduation, he joined The Voca People, touring internationally from 2011-2015. After that, Martin focused on building the American beatbox scene by collaborating with his partner, 2x World Beatbox Champion Kaila Mullady, with whom he developed their curriculum teaching beatboxing as a tool for speech therapy.

Martin speaks at events all over the world, talking about his journey and the power of the human voice, and was recently featured in a TEDx video discussing his and Mullady’s work. He believes that “the first step to speaking up is making a sound.”

Facebook: @MarkMartinCreative

Instagram: @markmartincreative