Elliot “Phillipdrummond” Gann is a doctor of clinical psychology, producer, DJ, arts educator, event organizer, and community activist. Born in San Francisco and raised in NYC, Dr. Gann is the Founder, Executive Director and Lead Instructor at Today’s Future Sound (TFS), an Oakland-based (with a Los Angeles chapter) non-profit organization that uses hip-hop music production to empower youth as artists and community members.

With his roots in the West Coast battle rap and beat battle scenes, Dr. Gann has built a reputation in both worlds as being an archivist with rare footage of battles, putting on hundreds of battles and organizing the longest-running monthly live beat battle.


Teaching with TFS has taken him all across North America, from the East Coast—Yale; the South Bronx and Chinatown in NYC; Jackson, Mississippi; and Louisiana—to the Midwest, as well as Toronto, ON. He has also toured and put on battles in Australia and France, released albums with local artists in these countries, and produced several other albums under the Phillipdrummond moniker.

Elliot was on Next Level Team Senegal.