queen herawin

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Queen Herawin is a performance-based artist, creative writer, poet, and visual artist. She is a member of the family-based hip hop group, The Juggaknots, which has produced projects such as The Re-Release, Use Your Confusion, The Love Movement, and WKRP in New York City. Her solo album Metamorphosis (2015) gave an expanded view into her creative expression and individual voice. However, projects such as Lyricist Lounge Vol. 1 set a tone in the early 90s with the song “Weight” showing her lyrical position as an indelible MC.

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She later followed with a strong feature alongside brother Breeze Brewin on Prince Paul’s hip hop opera, A Prince Among Thieves. Queen Herawin has also collaborated with Apani B Fly, Mr. Len of Company Flow, Wordsworth, Masta Ace, and Tiye Phoenix.

In addition to spitting fire verses, Queen Herawin is also an art curator and certified educator, having taught in New York and Chicago. She has toured the U.S. and internationally, sharing her passion for music with fans worldwide.

Instagram: thequeenherawin