Supreme La Rock


Danny “Supreme La Rock” Clavesilla is a producer and DJ with over thirty-five years of experience in hip hop culture. He has produced many classic records, been a longtime mentor to many young hip-hop producers, founded and run the independent hip hop label Conception Records, been one of the official DJs for the Seattle Seahawks, taught production and DJing at the University of Washington, and maintained a career as one of the most successful nightclub DJs working today.

He is also a renowned crate digger and vinyl enthusiast who was instrumental in placing a contemporary spotlight on Seattle’s vibrant 60s and 70s soul scene through Light In The Attic’s Wheedle’s Groove compilations.


DJ Supreme La Rock commands the respect of both fellow DJs and artists as well as his ecstatic dancefloors with his discerning ear, impeccable taste, and seamless mixing skills.

Danny was on Next Level Team Colombia.