the phronetic

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The Phronetic is a producer, multi-instrumentalist, singer, and rapper born in Bogotá, Colombia, and raised in Brooklyn, NY. He began classical training in piano at 8, and later taught himself guitar, drums, clarinet, and saxophone. As a teenager, he dove into the world of hip hop by writing raps and joining cyphers. In 2016, The Phronetic realized he could blend his instrumentalist background with his love of hip hop through music production. In 2017, he started MPC finger-drumming and is known today for his finger-drumming performances, combining live percussion and hip hop, and for creating original loops and progressions.

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As a leader in the NYC live beat culture scene, The Phronetic blurs the line between producer and artist by showing audiences that captivating performances can be delivered without vocalists. He works to change the backseat role of the producer in the hip hop industry by teaching producers live performance skills and inspiring them to be their own artists.

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