Toyz Are Us


Geoff “Toyz Are Us” Chang is one of the most acclaimed b-boys in the U.S. scene today. He has spent the past fifteen years has building a reputation as an inspirational dancer of his time. A second generation b-boy of the Lionz Of Zion crew, he has preserved the knowledge of the old school techniques of his fellow crewmates while infusing it with a new school twist.

Considered a veteran in the game, Toyz has won numerous competitions with his well-rounded style, including the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary 2006, Chelles Battle Pro 2009, Hip-Opsession 2010, International Hip-Hop Addict 2011, and Break The Floor 2012.

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He has solidified his international status on the battleground against the best of the best, and prides himself on being well respected by both friends and adversaries.

Geoff was on Next Level Team Thailand.