tsunAMI Ferreira

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Ami Nicole “Tsunami” Ferreira is a Bay Area native who has performed and shared her passion through dance, movement, and art for over 30 years. A member of the SoulShifter (MVMNT) artistry collective and Circle of Fire group, Tsunami’s style derives from a fusion of house, hip hop, capoeira, and “b-girling” (breaking).

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As a cultural diplomat and educator, she nurtures and supports the club culture and freestyle dance movement through performing, teaching, judging competitions, mentoring and co-organizing events, such as the R16 USA, All the Way Live and the Bay Area House Dance Festival.

She has also traveled to Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and El Salvador to share her passions with underprivileged dance communities and at-risk youth.

Ami was on Next Level Team Myanmar.